[Gluster-devel] Handling huge number of file read requests

Amrik Singh asingh at ideeinc.com
Fri May 4 14:40:13 UTC 2007

Well that makes things quiet clear. We are using gig/e. All the clients 
load different files. We have around 15-20 million files as of now. The 
situation that I described happens only at the peak load, that can vary 
from 1-4 hours at a time.

So I realize that we would need to distribute our files across lot more 
bricks. Does 18 * 8 means 144 or is it an expression that I did not get?

thanks a lot...


Anand Avati wrote:
> Amrik,
>  some quick math, you have 300 servers asking for 20-40 images (avg
> 30) each 2MB per second, your I/O aggregate I/O requirement is 18
> GByte/sec. How many servers are you using with glusterfs to distribute
> this load? It would be merciless to expect a single server to handle
> this kind of load with *any* filesystem. Also what is the interconnect
> you are using? if you are using gig/e, you need 18 * 8 nodes to handle
> this load smoothly (lower number nodes result in such a less factor of
> performance).
> Also tell me the pattern of usage. do all the clients read differnt
> files or same file? totally how many images do you have?
> Looking forward to your answers
> regards,
> avati
> On 5/4/07, Amrik Singh <asingh at ideeinc.com> wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> We are hoping that glusterfs would help us in the particular problem
>> that we are facing with our cluster. We have a visual search application
>> that runs on a cluster with around 300 processors. These compute nodes
>> run a search for images that are hosted on an NFS server. In certain
>> circumstances all these compute nodes are sending requests for query
>> images at extremely high rates (20-40 images per second). When 300 nodes
>> send 20-40 requests per second for these images, the NFS server just
>> can't cope with it and we start seeing a lot of retransmissions and a
>> very high wait time on the server as well as on the nodes. The images
>> are sized at around 2MB each.
>> With the current application we are not in a position where we can
>> quickly change the way things are being done so we are looking for a
>> file system that can handle this kind of situation. We tried glusterfs
>> with the default settings but we did not see any improvement. Is there a
>> way to tune glusterfs to handle this kind of situation.
>> I can provide more details about our setup as needed.
>> thanks
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