[Gluster-devel] BUG Report: (unify) adding more servers to the cluster may result in inaccessible directory

Daniel van Ham Colchete daniel.colchete at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 19:29:16 UTC 2007

Hi everyone!

With help from bulde, I brought up a very small GlusterFS cluster. It
has 3 servers with 101GB (64 + 28 + 9).

I think I may have found a bug in the system. At least I think I did
the right thing.

Steps to reproduce:

1 - Start the cluster with two servers.
2 - Mount it.
3 - Create a directory and add a few files on it.
4 - Unmount it and stop the cluster's servers.
5 - Reconfigure the cluster adding one more server.
6 - Start the cluster with three servers and mount it.
7 - Try to access the directory you created.

152 ~ # find /mnt/gluster/
find: /mnt/gluster/Test01: No such file or directory

Work arround: create the Test01 directory at the third server export
dir. After doing this, without restarting/reconfiguring anything, I
had the correct result:
152 ~ # find /mnt/gluster/
152 ~ #

I think this is the kind of thing that the fsck will correct when it's
available, but shouldn't I have the access?

My config files:
http://download2.mav.com.br/gluster/server-151.vol (first)
http://download2.mav.com.br/gluster/server-152.vol (second)
http://download2.mav.com.br/gluster/server-154.vol (third server)

Version information:
GlusterFS: 1.2.3
Kernel: 2.6.19-gentoo-r5
FUSE: 2.6.1

Best regards,
Daniel Colchete

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