[Gluster-devel] features/mirror available?

Dale Dude dale at oc3networks.com
Thu Feb 1 21:48:38 UTC 2007

Sorry for this dupe email. Didnt Reply-all last time:

Hi Krishna,

Im just doing testing for now, but the idea is to hopefully have a 
circular redundant cluster mainly for web servers serving fairly large 
video for a free service. For example, having 10 total servers with 
100gig drives that are serving web requests and also being gluster 
servers and clients.

Ideally the ability to glob together all the machines/drives/bricks into 
one config and gluster handle the redundancy would be great. Possibly 
even handling failover. Unfortunately, conventional RAID5 on each 
machine isn't always an option. RAIF is interesting, however (see below).

As I see it right now, I would need to use an outside method to 
replicate the gluster filesystem to a backup filesystem. If a 
machine/brick fails then I'd resync from the backup. (Another poster 
points out that if a machine/brick goes away there is the possibility of 
duplicate files).

I have tested setting up 2 seperate gluster filesystems as an NFS 
replacement (per the FAQ). I layered RAIF on top of them for RAID1 
between the 2 gluster filesystems. It seems to work, but I havent really 
banged on it. RAIF can do RAID0-6 per file (regex). It works at the 
filesystem level just like glusterfs. Its quite interesting. Although, 
again, to have redundancy within gluster would be absolutely ideal and, 
in my opinion, make glusterfs a very hard to beat filesystem.

RAIF info:

Thanks for your time,

Krishna Srinivas wrote:
> Hi Dale,
> You will get the automatic file replication (AFR) translator by
> mid feb.
> Could you let us know how you are using GlusterFS
> and how AFR translator is going to be useful for you?
> (will help us understand how users are using it)
> Regards,
> Krishna
> On 2/1/07, Dale Dude <dale at oc3networks.com> wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> Im looking for the features/mirror translator referenced in the
>> GlusterFS FAQ. Is that available for use? Maybe its not stable enough to
>> release?
>> Regards,
>> Dale
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