[Gluster-devel] sessions on gluster volume

Pooya Woodcock pooya at packetcloud.net
Sat Apr 21 04:50:40 UTC 2007

In my php.ini, session.save_path is set to /GLUSTER/php_sessions . / 
GLUSTER is a unified, afr'ed mount point.

The app worked fine using the glusterfsd-1.3-pre2.3 release. After  
upgrading to the latest mainline tla as of 15 minutes ago, everytime  
we run a php script that tries to save a session, the script hangs.  
If we set the save path to /tmp, the code runs fine. I understand I  
can use a DB for sessions, but do you have any ideas on this one?

for example, this hangs:
# cat test2.php
print "hello world";

but with session.save_path=/tmp , the above succeeds without hanging.  
Other than this, the gluster volume looks healthy to me.


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