[Gluster-devel] GlusterFS vs Lustre Benchmark

Anand Babu Periasamy ab at gnu.org.in
Thu Apr 5 02:02:52 UTC 2007

Those who have already experienced GlusterFS, well understand its
advantage in terms of ease-of-use, features, extensibility and
scalability. Performance is secondary, if a file system is complex,
unreliable and difficult to setup or maintain. From our experience
we knew, an elegant system can soon evolve to meet even performance

To know where GlusterFS stands when it comes to performance, here is 
benchmark comparing Lustre and GlusterFS. 

Follow the link:

Other benchmarks:

We have the highest regard for Lustre when it comes to performance and
scalability, because currently it is believed to be the world's
largest and fastest storage solution. Top supercomputers are using
Lustre for storage. Importantly Lustre is a free software too.

Proprietary storage systems are still mostly monolithic and fiber or
GigE based. They don't scale well and are exorbitantly
priced. GlusterFS should easily beat them down in performance or price
or usability.

We very much want to hear, how your actual applications perform on
GlusterFS when compared to other storage solutions. Please share your
benchmarks too, if you perform one.

Happy Hacking,
Anand Babu 
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