[Gluster-devel] GlusterFS 1.3.0-pre2.3: AFR not working

Brent A Nelson brent at phys.ufl.edu
Wed Apr 4 14:18:15 UTC 2007

GlusterFS doesn't have an automated repair (resync if node goes down), 
yet.  However, an rsync should do the trick until they have their 
"self-healing" in place.  The roadmap shows the self-healing feature as 
the next release, although it also shows that the release should have 
already happened. ;-)

Does anyone have a guesstimate as to when self-heal (or at least a roadmap 
update) might appear?



PS I just noticed the client-side inode item on the roadmap; that should 
fix the KDE problem mentioned on the list a few messages ago, as well as 
allow hardlinks, correct?

On Wed, 4 Apr 2007, Gerry Reno wrote:

> Yes, I think it is DRBD 0.8 that has this where you can mount both sides 
> simultaneously. We are only using DRBD 0.7 right now and I'm looking to see 
> if GlusterFS may be a more capable solution for us. Looking for better 
> scalability. I've never had to work with the underlying devices in DRBD. 
> Worse case I just forced a full sync. And I'm hoping that is the case with 
> GlusterFS.
> Gerry
> Brent A Nelson wrote:
>> You can work with the underlying filesystem, say, to fix a problem, but 
>> you'd want to work with it the way GlusterFS would, at least for 
>> consistency. So, if it's a mirror, any change you make on one, you'd want 
>> to reproduce on the other.
>> With drbd, you could only have one mounted at any given time; otherwise, 
>> even mounting the other one would be something of a catastrophe. Note that 
>> this isn't true of recent, bidirectional drbds, if you run GFS.
>> Thanks,
>> Brent
>> On Wed, 4 Apr 2007, Gerry Reno wrote:
>>> Avati,
>>> Yes, of course, it works. So it is similar to DRBD where you must only 
>>> interact via the exposed mounts and never directly to the underlying 
>>> subsystem.
>>> Gerry
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