[Bugs] [Bug 1773476] gluster does not return correct filesize and blocksize after ftruncate

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(In reply to Ravishankar N from comment #5)

So the reason it is not happening in 3.12.x is because it did not have the
function rda_inode_ctx_update_iatts() introduced by the commit "*c9bde3021 -
performance/readdir-ahead: keep stats of cached dentries in sync with

What is happening is this:
-When consistent-metadata is enabled, afr calls afr_zero_fill_stat() in its
truncate call back and sets ctime and nlink to zero in the postbuf. This
behaviour is already there in glusterfs 3.12  This forces fuse to trigger a
lookup which hits AFR (and thus the bricks) and the application gets the
current ia_size when it does the stat.
-But in the current code-base, when ctime is zero, the function
rda_inode_ctx_update_iatts() zeroes out everything else also in the postbuf
except gfid and ia_type. This somehow is not causing FUSE to trigger a lookup.

Raghavendra, is there some field in the postbuf that we need to retain and not
zero out (in addition to the gfid and ia_type) in rda_inode_ctx_update_iatts()
so that fuse sends a lookup when application does a stat?

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