[Bugs] [Bug 1728183] SMBD thread panics on file operations from Windows, OS X and Linux when using vfs_glusterfs

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Thu Nov 21 10:14:01 UTC 2019


--- Comment #21 from Niels de Vos <ndevos at redhat.com> ---
Does that also mean the Gluster client packages on the Samba server are kept at
the "Built against Gluster Client" version?

This is not a requirement from a libgfapi gluster-bindings perspective. It
expected to work correctly when compiling Samba against glusterfs-3.12, but run
the resulting vfs_gluster module (Built against Gluster Client 3.12) on a
system that has only the glusterfs-6.x versions installed. The built
Samba/vfs_gluster binary should be compatible with glusterfs-6.x. It is
recommended that Gluster clients and Gluster servers run with the same Gluster
version (even when Samba/vfs_gluster is built with an older version of

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