[Bugs] [Bug 1673058] Network throughput usage increased x5

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Tue Mar 19 11:54:58 UTC 2019


--- Comment #19 from Alberto Bengoa <bengoa at gmail.com> ---
Hello guys,

Thanks for your update Poornima.

I was already running quick-read off here so, on my case, I noticed the traffic
growing consistently after enabling it.

I've made some tests on my scenario, and I wasn't able to reproduce your 70%
reduction results. To me, it's near 46% of traffic reduction (from around 103
Mbps to around 55 Mbps, graph attached here: https://pasteboard.co/I68s9qE.png

What I'm doing is just running a find . type -d on a directory with loads of

Poornima, if you don't mind to answer a question, why are we seem this traffic
on the inbound of gluster servers (outbound of clients)? On my particular case,
the traffic should be basically on the opposite direction I think, and I'm very
curious about that.

Thank you,


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