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Tue Mar 19 08:12:04 UTC 2019


--- Comment #15 from Hubert <revirii at googlemail.com> ---
I deactivated the 3 params and did the same test again.

- same rsync params: rsync --bwlimit=10000 --inplace
- rsync stats: sent 1,491,733 bytes  received 11,444,330,300 bytes 
6,703,263.27 bytes/sec
- so ~6,7 MByte/s or ~54 MBit/s in average (peak of 60 MBit/s) over external
network interface
- traffic graphic of the server with rsync command:
- so server is sending with an average of ~110 MBit/s and with peak at ~125
MBit/s over LAN interface
- traffic graphic of one of the replica servers (disregard first curve: is the
delete of the old data): https://abload.de/img/if_enp5s0-internal-trn5k9v.png
- so one of the replicas receices data with ~55 MBit/s average and peak ~62
- as a comparison - traffic before and after changing the 3 params (rsync
server, highest curve is relevant):
- https://abload.de/img/if_eth1-traffic-befortvkib.png

So it looks like the traffic was reduced to about a third. Is it this what you

If so: traffic would be still a bit higher when i compare 4.1.6 and 5.3 -
here's a graphic of one client in our live system after switching from 4.1.6
(~20 MBit/s) to 5.3. (~100 MBit/s in march):


So if this traffic gets reduced to 1/3: traffic would be ~33 MBit/s then. Way
better, i think. And could be "normal"?

Thx so far :-)

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