[Bugs] [Bug 1673058] Network throughput usage increased x5

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Mon Mar 18 13:45:51 UTC 2019


--- Comment #13 from Hubert <revirii at googlemail.com> ---
fyi: on a test setup (debian stretch, after upgrade 5.3 -> 5.5) i did a little

- copied 11GB of data
- via rsync: rsync --bwlimit=10000 --inplace --- bandwith limit of max. 10000
- rsync pulled data over interface eth0
- rsync stats: sent 1,484,200 bytes  received 11,402,695,074 bytes 
5,166,106.13 bytes/sec
- so external traffic average was about 5 MByte/s
- result was an internal traffic up to 350 MBit/s (> 40 MByte/s) on eth1 (LAN
- graphic of internal traffic:
- graphic of external traffic:

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