[Bugs] [Bug 1670382] parallel-readdir prevents directories and files listing

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Thu Mar 7 08:13:49 UTC 2019


--- Comment #8 from Marcin <locbus at gmail.com> ---
Some of the directories created on the host resource (fuse) are not visible
from the same host, while the files themselves are usually visible. On the
second host that mounts this resource (fuse) directories and files created on
the first host are visible. Sometimes, for a moment, directories can appear and
disappear, but only on the host where they were created.

Files and directories created from the host level (fuse) to which the samba
client is not directly connected are usually visible on the samba resource.
However, the directories that were created on the host (fuse) to which Samba
connects directly (via ctdb) are partially not visible. Files created on both
hosts (fuse) are generally visible on the samba resource.

Most of the new files and directories created directly on the samba resource
seem to be hidden from the same client and server (samba) and may be partially
invisible on the host they are connected to via samba - (on fusemount). On the
second host (fuse) to which the samba client is not connected, files and
directories created on the samba resource are generally visible.

The tests have been performed on the latest version of gluster / client (5.4).

Disabling the parallel-readdir functionality immediately solves the above
problems, even without an additional restart of hosts or the gluster service.

As I mentioned at the very beginning in (v.4.1.7) and our current production
(v.3.10.3) the problem does not occur.

I hope that I haven't mixed up anything :)


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