[Bugs] [Bug 1684385] [ovirt-gluster] Rolling gluster upgrade from 3.12.5 to 5.3 led to shard on-disk xattrs disappearing

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Fri Mar 1 07:29:29 UTC 2019


--- Comment #3 from Krutika Dhananjay <kdhananj at redhat.com> ---
So the backward compatibility was broken with the introduction of the following
patch -

Patch that broke this compatibility - 


commit 303cc2b54797bc5371be742543ccb289010c92f2
Author: Amar Tumballi <amarts at redhat.com>
Date:   Fri Dec 22 13:12:42 2017 +0530

    protocol: make on-wire-change of protocol using new XDR definition.

    With this patchset, some major things are changed in XDR, mainly:

    * Naming: Instead of gfs3/gfs4 settle for gfx_ for xdr structures
    * add iattx as a separate structure, and add conversion methods
    * the *_rsp structure is now changed, and is also reduced in number
      (ie, no need for different strucutes if it is similar to other response).
    * use proper XDR methods for sending dict on wire.

    Also, with the change of xdr structure, there are changes needed
    outside of xlator protocol layer to handle these properly. Mainly
    because the abstraction was broken to support 0-copy RDMA with payload
    for write and read FOP. This made transport layer know about the xdr
    payload, hence with the change of xdr payload structure, transport layer
    needed to know about the change.

    Updates #384

    Change-Id: I1448fbe9deab0a1b06cb8351f2f37488cefe461f
    Signed-off-by: Amar Tumballi <amarts at redhat.com>

Any operation in a heterogeneous cluster which reads xattrs on-disk and
subsequently writes it (like metadata heal for instance) will cause one or more
on-disk xattrs to disappear.

In fact logs suggest even dht on-disk layouts vanished -

[2019-02-26 13:35:30.253348] I [MSGID: 109092]
[dht-layout.c:744:dht_layout_dir_mismatch] 0-engine-dht:
/36ea5b11-19fb-4755-b664-088f6e5c4df2: Disk layout missing, gfid =

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