[Bugs] [Bug 1734252] Heal not completing after geo-rep session is stopped on EC volumes.

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Tue Jul 30 05:02:11 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from Ashish Pandey <aspandey at redhat.com> ---

On a fresh setup, If I perform the below mentioned steps:
1.Create a Distributed-Disperse and Disperse volume disabled shd.
2.Started the volume on both master and slave.
3.Created and started a geo-rep setup. 
4.Mounted the volume and started untar from client.
5.Stopped geo-rep session after sometime.
5.Checked heal info on both volumes.(There was nothing to heal.)
6.After sometime enabled shd on both volumes.
7.Checked heal info on both volumes.(There was nothing to heal.)

I am not seeing any issues when shd is disabled at the start and then
enabled.the trigger point here seems to be the geo-rep session stop when shd is

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