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Building and Installing GlusterFS purely as a non-root user will work with
these steps - 
./configure \
  --prefix=$HOME/gfs \
  --with-mountutildir=$HOME/gfs/sbin \
make -j
make install

1. However to run glusterfs and start glusterd you need to provide init scripts
to systemctl.
As initdir path is changed "initdir=$HOME/gfs/etc/init.d" systemctl will not
able to locate it and fork it into the background as a daemon process. This
requires changing env variable path to get the glusterd.service from a new
location than default. If this is not done you cannot run 'gluster' commands.

2. Another thing is that mount.glusterfs script has to be in
/sbin/mount.glusterfs for mounting via command mount -t glusterfs to work.
Changing mountutildir path changes script location to
$HOME/gfs/sbin/mount.glusterfs. Workarounds are there to manually change and
use fstab resulting is unnecessary steps as compared to single mount command.

3. All the log files are placed in the /var/log/glusterfs directory by
default(cli, glusterd, mount, fuse etc). running gluster commands from nonsuper
user will result in error in creating all these log files unless triggered with
sudo privileges.

Providing Installing steps for non-root user in doc will result in confusion
and overheads while using glusterfs. Based on above mentioned points I would
like to close this bug.

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