[Bugs] [Bug 1727081] Disperse volume : data corruption with ftruncate data in 4+2 config

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Thu Jul 11 10:32:22 UTC 2019


--- Comment #5 from Kinglong Mee <kinglongmee at gmail.com> ---
valgrind reports some memory leak,

==7925== 300 bytes in 6 blocks are possibly lost in loss record 880 of 1,436
==7925==    at 0x4C29BC3: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:299)
==7925==    by 0x71828BF: __gf_default_malloc (mem-pool.h:112)
==7925==    by 0x7183182: __gf_malloc (mem-pool.c:131)
==7925==    by 0x713FB65: gf_strndup (mem-pool.h:189)
==7925==    by 0x713FBD5: gf_strdup (mem-pool.h:206)
==7925==    by 0x7144465: loc_copy (xlator.c:1276)
==7925==    by 0x18EDBF1C: ec_loc_from_loc (ec-helpers.c:760)
==7925==    by 0x18F02FE5: ec_manager_open (ec-inode-read.c:778)
==7925==    by 0x18EE4905: __ec_manager (ec-common.c:3094)
==7925==    by 0x18EE4A0F: ec_manager (ec-common.c:3112)
==7925==    by 0x18F037F3: ec_open (ec-inode-read.c:929)
==7925==    by 0x18ED5E85: ec_gf_open (ec.c:1146)

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