[Bugs] [Bug 1657743] Very high memory usage (25GB) on Gluster FUSE mountpoint

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Thu Jul 11 08:23:59 UTC 2019


--- Comment #19 from ryan at magenta.tv ---
Hi Nithya,

Unfortunately the only place I can see this is a live customer system, so I
won't be able to remount the volume without booking in downtime.
We're planning to upgrade to 6.3 once we've tested it and ensured some of the
bugs are ironed out. Currently in testing with 6.3 we have not been able to see
this issue.

I can get statedumps of a node in the cluster which doesn't show the memory
issue and then a statedump of a node which does have the issue if that would
I'll get a statedump at night when there is very little IO.


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