[Bugs] [Bug 1657743] Very high memory usage (25GB) on Gluster FUSE mountpoint

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--- Comment #14 from ryan at magenta.tv ---
Hi Nithya,

We set the value of the ping timer lower to reduce the delay in failover when a
node or storage device fails, normally we only put it on clusters that are
distribute-replicate, but seems we've put it on a distribute too.
Am I misunderstanding the role of that option? Would you be able to quickly
explain its usage?

I've grep'd all gluster logs for that string and cannot find any occurrences of
it. I've also just grep'd for the string 'failed' and cannot find "failed to
unserialize xattr dict" in the mount point logs.

Here's the gluster vol info you requested:
Volume Name: mcv01
Type: Distribute
Volume ID: 66d50a1a-7c87-4712-8d7b-bddb19d76498
Status: Started
Snapshot Count: 0
Number of Bricks: 3
Transport-type: tcp
Brick1: node01:/mnt/h1a/data
Brick2: node02:/mnt/h1a/data
Brick3: node03:/mnt/h1a/data
Options Reconfigured:
server.outstanding-rpc-limit: 128
performance.readdir-ahead: off
cluster.rebal-throttle: lazy
features.quota-deem-statfs: on
features.inode-quota: on
features.quota: on
nfs.disable: on
transport.address-family: inet
auth.allow: 172.30.30.*
performance.client-io-threads: on
performance.write-behind-window-size: 1MB
performance.nl-cache-timeout: 600
performance.nl-cache: on
performance.io-thread-count: 16
performance.md-cache-timeout: 600
performance.cache-samba-metadata: on
performance.cache-invalidation: on
features.cache-invalidation-timeout: 600
features.cache-invalidation: on
performance.stat-prefetch: on
performance.cache-size: 1000MB
storage.batch-fsync-delay-usec: 0
network.ping-timeout: 5
performance.md-cache-statfs: off
client.event-threads: 8
server.event-threads: 8
diagnostics.client-log-level: ERROR
diagnostics.brick-log-level: ERROR

Many thanks,

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