[Bugs] [Bug 1741899] the volume of occupied space in the bricks of gluster volume (3 nodes replica) differs on nodes and the healing does not fix it

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Fri Aug 30 09:47:02 UTC 2019


--- Comment #16 from Sergey Pleshkov <s.pleshkov at hostco.ru> ---
Errors for what period?

Since the last brick replacement (August 28) on lsy-gl-03 - there are no errors
in the file glfsheal-TST.log, only informational messages

Prior to this, all bricks were replaced sequentially (transfer over a separate
disk on the node) - also no heal errros in logs glfsheal-TST.log on all nodes.

After that, a problem was seen with the size of the raw data.

In file glustershd.log from lsy-gl-03 - exist error messages, but not about TST

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