[Bugs] [Bug 1738878] FUSE client's memory leak

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Thu Aug 29 06:29:28 UTC 2019


--- Comment #9 from Sergey Pleshkov <s.pleshkov at hostco.ru> ---

Yesterday I ran tests on a problem client. These were the find and chmod
commands on gluster share. Actually, the process of the glusterfs continiously
eats RAM on them and does not free it away.
On another client that uses glusterfs version 3.12.2 (from RHEL7 repo), I also
encountered a similar situation - glusterfs process eats  RAM and it is also
not free it ( but it is eaten very slowly)

On other clients that access the same gluster volume, when performing tests
with find and chmod command, RAM is also eaten up, but freed when the tests are
turned off.

I collected a few state dumps from a problem client and put it in the cloud.

In the near future I plan to upgrade glusterfs on client to version 6.5 and set
lru-limit (don't know what i can do about this problem). 
Do you have any advise about it ?

Script to reproduce problem:



while [ $a -lt 36000 ]
    find $gluster_mount_point  -type f   > /dev/null
    sleep 1
    a=`expr $a + 1`

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