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--- Comment #11 from Ravishankar N <ravishankar at redhat.com> ---
Hi Nicola,

a) Can you provide the gluster fuse mount log of the node which is used by the
application in comment #3? 
If this is something you can reproduce at will with your application, please
provide debug-level log.
1 `gluster volume set dbroot2 client-log-level DEBUG`
2 Run the application and note the timestamp (UTC) at which it gets ENOENT
3 Provide the fuse mount log (something like
4 Also tell us the time noted in step-2 to make it easier to look for issues in
the log of step-3.
5.`gluster volume set dbroot2 client-log-level INFO` <===== Restores it back to
the default log level.

b) The getfattr output we need is that of the file in question from all bricks
of the volume.  comment#10 seems to give the output on the brick root of
different volumes.
What we need is:
`getfattr -e hex -m . -d
from 3 bricks of dbroot2.

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