[Bugs] [Bug 1740968] glustershd can not decide heald_sinks, and skip repair, so some entries lingering in volume heal info

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Tue Aug 27 05:42:22 UTC 2019


Hunang  Shujun <shujun.huang at nokia-sbell.com> changed:

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--- Comment #9 from Hunang  Shujun <shujun.huang at nokia-sbell.com> ---
the healed_sinks is empty is because afr_selfheal_find_direction do not find
any "sink". In the function, only the node who accuse by source node can be
decided as sink, other accuse node will not be identified as sink.  The rule is
valid or not?  Any reason?
  for (i = 0; i < priv->child_count; i++) {
                if (!sources[i])---> the accuse info will not be taken into
consider when the node is not source
                if (self_accused[i])
                for (j = 0; j < priv->child_count; j++) {
                        if (matrix[i][j])
                                sinks[j] = 1;

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