[Bugs] [Bug 1741783] volume heal info show nothing, while visiting from mount point blame "no such entry"

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Thu Aug 22 01:17:46 UTC 2019


--- Comment #14 from zhou lin <zz.sh.cynthia at gmail.com> ---
thanks for your reply,
i've tried removing the
mn-1__dbim-redis.service__database-nosql-cmredis.sync_state.tmp, from mn-0
brick dir since it's size is 0 . however, there is no clue from glusterfs user
side to find this error until visiting that file. because after shd heal, the
entry in xattrop will be removed, and gluster volume heal info output becomes
empty. is there any method to find this problem so that some actions could be
made to repair manually(like removing from brick or deleting "trusted.gfid"
xattr) ? in our system some app need to use that file, from their point of
view, this is a bug, and i just hope there is some way to detect this issue and
do some actions, so app will not stuck on this file. of course, it will be
better if glusterfs source code could do the action to repair that file.

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