[Bugs] [Bug 1652887] Geo-rep help looks to have a typo.

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Tue Nov 27 13:23:52 UTC 2018


--- Comment #3 from Kotresh HR <khiremat at redhat.com> ---
With little formatting, we could see that geo replication help outputs
something like below:

# gluster v geo-replication help

volume geo-replication [<VOLNAME>] [<SLAVE-URL>] 
    create [[ssh-port n] [[no-verify]|[push-pem]]] [force]
        |start [force]
        |stop [force]
        |pause [force]
        |resume [force]
        |status [detail]
        |delete [reset-sync-time]
} [options...]

It looks like the format of the help command is interpreted wrongly and used.


Nope, yes your right. 'detail' is associated only with 'status' and is listed
correctly. But I think there is issue with 'create' and 'config' options. It
should have been as below.

Usage: volume geo-replication [<VOLNAME>] [<SLAVE-URL>] 
     {create {[ssh-port n] no-verify|push-pem}[force]
      |start [force] 
      |stop [force]
      |pause [force]
      |resume [force]
      |config [key] [value]
      |status [detail]
      |delete [reset-sync-time]

So please validate following.

1. create options as mentioned above. Once create is used, either 'no-verify'
or 'push-pem' should be used.
2. config takes either 'key' or 'value'
3. Checkout what options at the end refer to. I think that can be removed ?

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