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COMMIT: https://review.gluster.org/19928 committed in master by "Amar Tumballi"
<amarts at redhat.com> with a commit message- features/bitrot: print the path of
the corrupted objects

Currently "gluster volume bitrot <volume name> scrub status"
gives the list of the corrupted objects (files as of now).
But only the gfids of those corrupted objects are seen and
one has to do getfattr, find etc operations to get the actual
path of those objects for removal etc.

This change makes an attempt to print the path of those files
as much as possible.

* Try to get the path using the on disk gfid2path xattr.

* If the above operation fails, then go for in memory path
(provided that the object has its dentry
properly created and linked in the inode table of the brick where
the corrupted object is present) So the gfid to path resolution is
a soft resolution, i.e. based on the inode and dentry cache in the
brick's memory. If the path cannot be obtained via inode table also,
then only gfid is printed.

Change-Id: Ie9a30307f43a49a2a9225821803c7d40d231de68
fixes: bz#1570962
Signed-off-by: Raghavendra Bhat <raghavendra at redhat.com>

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