[Bugs] [Bug 789278] Issues reported by Coverity static analysis tool

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Tue Oct 31 19:46:37 UTC 2017


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COMMIT: https://review.gluster.org/18591 committed in master by  

------------- snapshot: fix coverity issue 'DEADCODE'

Problem : Unreachable code at glusterd-snapshot.c:6718
          Unreachable code at glusterd-snapshot.c:7352

FIx : Remove unreachable code

At glusterd-snapshot.c:6718 in if condition the value of "snap" must be "NULL"
to call glusterd_snap_remove() which is not possible here.

Change-Id: Id865bde7c1474a9b9ed11c0ed614676b4e2443c6
BUG: 789278
Signed-off-by: Sunny Kumar <sunkumar at redhat.com>

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