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------------- Xlators/features: Coverity Issue "NEGATIVE_RETURNS" in
worm_truncate,worm_ftruncate,worm_link,worn_unlink and worm_rename.

Issue :Event negative_returns:     "op_errno" is passed to a parameter
that cannot be negative.

Fix : In functions worm_link,worm_unlink,worm_truncate,worm_ftruncate
and worm_rename, added an condition to check the whether value
of "op_errno" is negative or not.If the value is negative, then
it is set to EROFS.

Change-Id: Ie65601b6cc9799f587cc574408281dab50a58afb
BUG: 789278
Signed-off-by: Subha sree Mohankumar <smohanku at redhat.com>

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