[Bugs] [Bug 1506487] glusterfs / glusterfsd processes may not start properly upon reboot/restart

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Thu Oct 26 11:25:29 UTC 2017


--- Comment #12 from Sylvain <srn at nexatech.fr> ---
When brick processes fail, there is a message like 

[2017-10-26 11:13:30.623896] W [socket.c:593:__socket_rwv] 0-management: readv
on /var/run/gluster/c5c5852563f2288eef42f52e6161b23b.socket failed (No data

in glusterd.log.

This socket is the same as used as command line parameter to the corresponding
glusterfsd program (... -S
/var/run/gluster/c5c5852563f2288eef42f52e6161b23b.socket ...) and it does exist
on the system.

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