[Bugs] [Bug 1175711] posix: Set correct d_type for readdirp() calls

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Wed Apr 27 11:28:51 UTC 2016


Prashanth Pai <ppai at redhat.com> changed:

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            Summary|os.walk() vs scandir.walk() |posix: Set correct d_type
                   |performance                 |for readdirp() calls

--- Comment #3 from Prashanth Pai <ppai at redhat.com> ---
I was wrong. The above script failed to detect it because d_type is always set
correctly for "." and ".." entries. GlusterFS correctly propagates d_type from
posix xlator up the stack till FUSE.

It turns out that XFS does't fill correct d_type until recently (Linux>=3.15
and xfsprogs>=3.2.0). If one formats his/her filesystem with XFS's newer
version 5 on-disk format, d_type is rightly set.

Example: mkfs.xfs -m crc=1 /srv/disk1

However, GlusterFS can support filling the right d_type in readdirp() responses
even if XFS doesn't using the pre-fetched stat information.

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