[Bugs] [Bug 1325792] "gluster vol heal test statistics heal-count replica" seems doesn't work

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Tue Apr 12 07:33:41 UTC 2016


--- Comment #1 from jiademing.dd <iesool at 126.com> ---
_select_hxlator_with_matching_brick (xlator_t *this,
                                     glusterd_volinfo_t *volinfo, dict_t *dict,
                                     int *index)
        char                    *hostname = NULL;
        char                    *path = NULL;
        glusterd_brickinfo_t    *brickinfo = NULL;
        glusterd_conf_t         *priv   = NULL;
        int                     hxl_children = 0;

        priv = this->private;
        if (!dict ||
            dict_get_str (dict, "per-replica-cmd-hostname", &hostname) ||
            dict_get_str (dict, "per-replica-cmd-path", &path))
                return -1;

        hxl_children = _get_hxl_children_count (volinfo);
        if ((*index) == 0)

        cds_list_for_each_entry (brickinfo, &volinfo->bricks, brick_list) {
                if (gf_uuid_is_null (brickinfo->uuid))
                        (void)glusterd_resolve_brick (brickinfo);

                if (!gf_uuid_compare (MY_UUID, brickinfo->uuid)) {
                        _add_hxlator_to_dict (dict, volinfo,
                                              ((*index) - 1)/hxl_children, 0);
                        return 1;

        return 0;

_select_hxlator_with_matching_brick() will get hostname and path, but not use.
so match error ?

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