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--- Comment #37 from Anand Avati <aavati at redhat.com> ---
COMMIT: http://review.gluster.org/9753 committed in master by Vijay Bellur
(vbellur at redhat.com) 
commit 6f71bc02df5bd177c2f5dbf4e54b2af1525ab979
Author: Dan Lambright <dlambrig at redhat.com>
Date:   Wed Feb 25 16:11:23 2015 -0500

    glusterd: CLI commands to create and manage tiered volumes.

    A tiered volume is a normal volume with some number of new bricks
    representing "hot" storage. The "hot" bricks can be attached or
    detached dynamically to a normal volume. When this happens, a new graph
    is constructed. The root of the new graph is an instance of the tier
    translator. One subvolume of the tier translator leads to the old volume,
    and another leads to the new hot bricks.

    attach-tier <VOLNAME> [<replica> <COUNT>] <NEW-BRICK> ... [force]

    volume detach-tier <VOLNAME> [replica <COUNT>] <BRICK>
    ... <start|stop|status|commit|force>

    gluster volume rebalance <volume> tier start

    gluster volume rebalance <volume> tier stop

    gluster volume rebalance <volume> tier status

    The "tier start" CLI command starts a server side daemon. The daemon
    initiates file level migration based on caching policies. The daemon's
    status can be monitored and stopped.

    Note development on the "tier status" command is incomplete. It will be
    added in a subsequent patch.

    When the "hot" storage is detached, the tier translator is removed
    from the graph and the tiered volume reverts to its original state as
    described in the volume's info file.

    For more background and design see the feature page [1].


    Change-Id: Ic8042ce37327b850b9e199236e5be3dae95d2472
    BUG: 1194753
    Signed-off-by: Dan Lambright <dlambrig at redhat.com>
    Reviewed-on: http://review.gluster.org/9753
    Reviewed-by: Vijay Bellur <vbellur at redhat.com>
    Tested-by: Vijay Bellur <vbellur at redhat.com>

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