[Bugs] [Bug 1199936] readv on /var/run/6b8f1f2526c6af8a87f1bb611ae5a86f.socket failed when NFS is disabled

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Mon Mar 9 10:37:30 UTC 2015


--- Comment #2 from krishnan parthasarathi <kparthas at redhat.com> ---
Root cause analysis

glusterd would reconfigure node level services like gluster-nfs when volume
options are modified via volume-set or volume-reset commands. It is important
to know that glusterd maintains a unix domain socket connection with all the
daemon that it manages. 

When a user disables NFS access to a GlusterFS volume using "nfs.disable"
option, the gluster-nfs process is reconfigured/restarted. glusterd tries to
connect to the unix domain socket corresponding to gluster-nfs process. In this
case, it's likely that the user just disabled NFS access to the last volume in
the cluster. This implies gluster-nfs daemon wouldn't be running. At this point
gluster-nfs daemon's volfile wouldn't contain any volume in it and therefore it
shuts itself down. But glusterd has gone past the point where it could have and
avoided spawning it or connecting to it. This results in the log messages as
mentioned in bug synopsis. The log messages repeat because our rpc
implementation attempts a reconnect once in 3 seconds by default.

This problem may also be observed when a user restarts her glusterd possibly
after a software upgrade.

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