[Bugs] [Bug 1235582] snapd crashed due to stack overflow

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Fri Jun 26 09:17:20 UTC 2015


--- Comment #2 from krishnan parthasarathi <kparthas at redhat.com> ---

The stack overflow was seen when older snapshots were being deleted while new
ones were being created concurently. In the setup detailed above, snapshot
scheduler creates snapshots periodically and auto-delete of snapshots is
enabled. When no. of snapshots in the system (of the volume) exceeds the
soft-limit configured, snapshots are (auto-)deleted. The crash happened when a
scheduled snapshot-create coincided with the auto-delete triggered
snapshot-delete operation.

Implementation detail
Snapshot daemon uses gfapi interface to serve user-serviceable snapshots. gfapi
interface creates a new glfs object for every snapshot (volume) serviced. This
object is 'linked' with a global xlator object until the time glfs object is
fully initialized (i.e, set-volume operation is complete). The global xlator
object's ctx (glusterfs_ctx_t) object is being modified in a thread-unsafe
manner and could refer to a destroyed ctx (which belonged to glfs representing
a deleted snapshot).

Fix outline
All initialisation managment operations (e.g, RPCs like DUMP_VERSION,
SET_VOLUME, etc.) must refer to the corresponding translator objects in the
glfs' graph.

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