[Bugs] [Bug 1220173] SEEK_HOLE support (optimization)

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Sat Jun 20 16:17:05 UTC 2015


--- Comment #6 from Christopher Pereira <kripper at gmail.com> ---

Any planning or progress with this one?

I wonder if classifying as "Enhancement" is fair enough, because not supporting
sparse image files is a blocker for using GlusterFS for virtualization since
people would (and probably *should*) move to other VM storage solutions that
support sparse image data (Ceph?), so copying VM storage takes only minutes
instead of hours or days.

As a workarround, we are copying files directly from the bricks instead of the
gluster mounts for logically very big / physically small sparse files, but all
glusterfs related storage operations implemented in oVirt turn useless in this
situation because of task timeouts, unacceptable VM downtimes and resources

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