[Bugs] [Bug 1227656] Glusted dies when adding new brick to a distributed volume and converting to replicated volume

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--- Comment #12 from Richard <redhat.bugs at pointb.co.uk> ---
(In reply to Gaurav Kumar Garg from comment #9)
> Hi Richard,
> Steps  that you have mentioned in attach file after executing that steps
> glusterd is not crashing. Only mount failure is coming as you mentioned in
> the list of steps. So why mount failure is coming because you have executed
> " service glusterfsd stop " command on both node after executing that
> command you have executed "service glusterd stop" on both node. then you
> have started glusterd on one node. 

> So this is expected behaviour (mount failure) because your brick process
> (glusterfsd) didn't come back online. so while mounting the volume it check
> whether brick is online or not if it is not then it will show mount failure.
> you can also check in your volume status that brick is not online.

I disagree as it never used to fail in v3.4.7. You should be able to start up
one brick of a replicated volume without the need for all replicated bricks to
be online. That's the whole point of it beign replicated, so it should start
with only one brick online.

> to solve mount failure problem you need to re-start volume again either by
> stopping it and starting it or by executing "gluster volume start <VOLNAME>
> force".

Taht does not help. The only thing I have to do to fix the problem currently is
to start glusterd on the other brick and re attempt the mount. I never need to
run a gluster volume start command and I never needed to doso with v3.4.7

> Then main things is about glusterd crash problem. so as far as my concern
> glusterd should not crash by performing these steps. are your executing any
> other command or previously have you executed any rebalance/remove-brick
> command ????

The commands in the script are the ones I use, that is my test script so I can
repeat the process.

> Could you paste output of "gluster voluem status" here ???

No, once glusterd has crashed I can't get any output.

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