[Bugs] [Bug 1227677] Glusterd crashes and cannot start after rebalance

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Thu Jun 4 14:23:29 UTC 2015


--- Comment #3 from Susant Kumar Palai <spalai at redhat.com> ---
Was able to reproduce the issue, but not on rebalance restart path.

On 3.7.1 rpm glusterd gets crashed upon starting rebalance.

Here is the bt.
#0  0x0000003455232625 in raise (sig=6) at
#1  0x0000003455233e05 in abort () at abort.c:92
#2  0x0000003455270537 in __libc_message (do_abort=2, fmt=0x34553575ef "*** %s
***: %s terminated\n")
    at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/libc_fatal.c:198
#3  0x0000003455302527 in __fortify_fail (msg=0x3455357595 "buffer overflow
detected") at fortify_fail.c:32
#4  0x0000003455300410 in __chk_fail () at chk_fail.c:29
#5  0x00000034552ffb0b in ___vsnprintf_chk (s=0x64c1 <Address 0x64c1 out of
bounds>, maxlen=25797, flags=6, 
    slen=18446744073709551615, format=0x0, args=0x3455291390) at
#6  0x00000034552ff9da in ___snprintf_chk (s=<value optimized out>,
maxlen=<value optimized out>, 
    flags=<value optimized out>, slen=<value optimized out>, format=<value
optimized out>) at snprintf_chk.c:36
#7  0x00007f836a20a061 in snprintf (volinfo=0x7f8364008b60, op_errstr=<value
optimized out>, len=140202165164256, 
    cmd=1, cbk=0, op=<value optimized out>) at /usr/include/bits/stdio2.h:65
#8  glusterd_handle_defrag_start (volinfo=0x7f8364008b60, op_errstr=<value
optimized out>, len=140202165164256, 
    cmd=1, cbk=0, op=<value optimized out>) at glusterd-rebalance.c:234
#9  0x00007f836a20ac97 in glusterd_op_rebalance (dict=0x7f8372d435e4,
    rsp_dict=<value optimized out>) at glusterd-rebalance.c:823
#10 0x00007f836a1c4e79 in glusterd_op_commit_perform (op=GD_OP_REBALANCE,
    op_errstr=0x7f835c40d420, rsp_dict=0x0) at glusterd-op-sm.c:5126
#11 0x00007f836a1c6202 in glusterd_op_ac_send_commit_op (event=0x7f83581bd5b0,
ctx=<value optimized out>)
    at glusterd-op-sm.c:4301
#12 0x00007f836a1c0679 in glusterd_op_sm () at glusterd-op-sm.c:6869
#13 0x00007f836a20b01b in __glusterd_handle_defrag_volume (req=0x81e59c) at
#14 0x00007f836a19ce6f in glusterd_big_locked_handler (req=0x81e59c, 
    actor_fn=0x7f836a20ad40 <__glusterd_handle_defrag_volume>) at
#15 0x00007f83744f45b2 in synctask_wrap (old_task=<value optimized out>) at
#16 0x00000034552438f0 in ?? () from /lib64/libc-2.12.so
#17 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()

>From the backtrace the information for frame 7 and 8 looks wrong as they both
have the same arguments. And also the "parameter" looks fishy. 

Need more investigation to see whether it is a optimization issue or something

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