[Bugs] [Bug 1226038] openSuse 13.2 rdma.so missing

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Tue Jun 2 17:28:58 UTC 2015


--- Comment #3 from Kaleb KEITHLEY <kkeithle at redhat.com> ---
rdma.so would come from the glusterfs-rdma RPM - if there was one for 3.5.2.

I'm not sure why at this point -- I don't remember why -- RDMA was disabled in
the build of 3.5.2. It is there in the 3.5.3 RPMs for OpenSuSE 13.x.

That aside, Gluster should (and does) work fine without rdma.so. I know the log
entry is 'E', but it's not fatal. I've just installed our 3.5.2 RPMs on my 13.2
box and created a volume and mounted it successfully.

The real issue that I see in the logs you've posted are these other errors:

[2015-06-02 15:40:42.024556] E [xlator.c:403:xlator_init] 0-management:
Initialization of volume 'management' failed, review your volfile again
[2015-06-02 15:40:42.024570] E [graph.c:307:glusterfs_graph_init] 0-management:
initializing translator failed
[2015-06-02 15:40:42.024581] E [graph.c:502:glusterfs_graph_activate] 0-graph:
init failed
[2015-06-02 15:40:42.034590] W [glusterfsd.c:1095:cleanup_and_exit]
(-->/usr/sbin/glusterd(main+0x546) [0x804c0f6] (-->/usr

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