GlusterFS 3.8.4 is available, Gluster users are advised to update

Niels de Vos ndevos at
Thu Sep 15 09:05:20 UTC 2016


   Packages have been built for many distributions and will become
available in the standard repositories during the next few days if they
are not there already.

Kind regards,

   Even though the last release 3.8 was just two weeks ago, we're
sticking to the release schedule and have 3.8.4 ready for all our
current and future users. As with all updates, we advise users of
previous versions to upgrade to the latest and greatest. Several bugs
have been fixed, and upgrading is one way to prevent hitting known
problems in future.

Release notes for Gluster 3.8.4

   This is a bugfix release. The Release Notes for 3.8.0, 3.8.1, 3.8.2
and 3.8.3 contain a listing of all the new features that were added and
bugs fixed in the GlusterFS 3.8 stable release.

Bugs addressed

   A total of 23 patches have been merged, addressing 22 bugs:
     * #1332424: geo-rep: address potential leak of memory
     * #1357760: Geo-rep silently ignores config parser errors
     * #1366496: 1 mkdir generates tons of log messages from dht xlator
     * #1366746: EINVAL errors while aggregating the directory size by quotad
     * #1368841: Applications not calling glfs_h_poll_upcall() have upcall events cached for no use
     * #1368918: tests/bugs/cli/bug-1320388.t: Infrequent failures
     * #1368927: Error: quota context not set inode (gfid:nnn) [Invalid argument]
     * #1369042: thread CPU saturation limiting throughput on write workloads
     * #1369187: fix bug in protocol/client lookup callback
     * #1369328: [RFE] Add a count of snapshots associated with a volume to the output of the vol info command
     * #1369372: gluster snap status xml output shows incorrect details when the snapshots are in deactivated state
     * #1369517: rotated FUSE mount log is using to populate the information after log rotate.
     * #1369748: Memory leak with a replica 3 arbiter 1 configuration
     * #1370172: protocol/server: readlink rsp xdr failed while readlink got an error
     * #1370390: Locks xlators is leaking fdctx in pl_release()
     * #1371194: segment fault while join thread reaper_thr in fini()
     * #1371650: [Open SSL] : Unable to mount an SSL enabled volume via SMB v3/Ganesha v4
     * #1371912: gluster system:: uuid get hangs
     * #1372728: Node remains in stopped state in pcs status with "/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/heartbeat/ganesha_mon: line 137: [: too many arguments ]" messages in logs.
     * #1373530: Minor improvements and cleanup for the build system
     * #1374290: "gluster vol status all clients --xml" doesn't generate xml if there is a failure in between
     * #1374565: [Bitrot]: Recovery fails of a corrupted hardlink (and the corresponding parent file) in a disperse volume
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