Gluster Night Paris 2014

Dave McAllister dmcallis at
Thu Oct 30 17:57:57 UTC 2014

Hey folks

We're having a Gluster event in Paris on 4-November, to get together and 
celebrate a number of new technologies, including the GlusterFS 3.6.0 

Sign up here:

Our agenda is pretty packed:

Event opens at 18:00

18:00 Drinks, snacks and chats

18:15 : Overview of 3.6.0 new features

18:25 : Manilla-GlusterFS

18:45 : Cinder-GlusterFS

19:05 : Swift-GlusterFS

19:30 : Socializing, Networking, Questions

20:00 Event ends

We look forward to see you next week.

Sign up:


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