[Advisors] Your Attention Please: Blog Post Brouhaha

Joe Julian me at joejulian.name
Fri Aug 23 16:57:23 UTC 2013

I assume you're referring to the argument against the word "malware" at 

I agree with Justin. Installing something unintended that alters the 
behavior or performance of someone's computer is malicious. Even a 
seemingly benign google toolbar is still one strip of screen taken up 
that would have otherwise been usable.

The argument against the use of the word "malware" also assumes that the 
"mal" is "malicious". The prefix "mal" comes from the french word and 
indicates "illness" or "affliction" which most certainly matches with 
the regard for these pieces of software.

The post itself seems to reflect the attitude and mores of the community 
that I've met and suggests that we believe in preserving trust and 
acting with integrity.

I also find it interesting that the most vocal opponent to the post is 
someone who's profiting from the malware.

My opinion is to leave it up as-is.

On 08/23/2013 09:36 AM, John Mark Walker wrote:
> See this post: http://www.gluster.org/2013/08/how-far-the-once-mighty-sourceforge-has-fallen/
> For obvious reasons, the proprietors of the site criticized in that post are none too happy.
> Do we...
> 1. take it down
> 2. leave it up, with the entire post, including the disclaimer, intact
> 3. take editorial license and change some of the more inflammatory verbiage
> -JM
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