[Gluster-users] Any update pls : Req details for "config as like striping with fail over" for many servers

Burnash, James jburnash at knight.com
Mon Mar 28 13:00:02 UTC 2011

Hi Varadharajan.

This is just my opinion, but I would say that the use case you've presented is not a good match for GlusterFS.

Striping in this file system is not used for expanding the amount of filespace available - it is used for performance, and only when very very large files are being stored and accessed, and which may not otherwise fit on a single storage servers.

Additionally, small file ( <1GB) access tends to be slow and relatively inefficient on GlusterFS - and unless you are serving very large files on your webserver, the rest of the applications you mentioned (with the exception of VMWare) tend to create and use small files.

Please see this link: http://gluster.qotd.co/q/why-does-gluster-seem-so-slow-accessing-many-small-files/

You can't get high availability / failover without mirroring, and mirroring with non-uniform amounts of storage on the backend servers is not optimal for performance, even though it is possible.

Hopefully this helps you understand the issues you face in trying to use the GlusterFS platform.

James Burnash, Unix Engineering

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Can anybody help me out for my below requirement ?



I would like to implement glusterfs 3.1 in my concern.We have around 10 servers and all are holding diff applications such as webserver(apache,Tomcat),vmware,DNS server....all the servers are having Diff disk capacity such as 1 TB,2 TB like that.All the systems are having Ubuntu 10.04

My Requirement:

1.Need to connect all the servers through glusterfs 3.1.x 2.If i configured as Replication method, i am not getting Disk space.So i need to configure as like striping method.but glusterfs doesn't provide, fail over for this.
3.for e.x if i take
want to connect all the servers.so that i can get big storage space for all.if i go for striping or distributed, if one server fails, i can't access the volume and get an error as "Transport end point not connected"

Please let me know the solution and idea for config for this.i am searching in google for the past 10 days but no proper result.


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