[Gluster-users] Any update pls : Req details for "config as like striping with fail over" for many servers

Amar Tumballi amar at gluster.com
Mon Mar 28 12:37:10 UTC 2011

> Hi,
> I would like to implement glusterfs 3.1 in my concern.We have around 10
> servers
> and all are holding diff applications such as
> webserver(apache,Tomcat),vmware,DNS server....all the servers are having
> Diff
> disk capacity such as 1 TB,2 TB like that.All the systems are having
> Ubuntu 10.04
> My Requirement:
> 1.Need to connect all the servers through glusterfs 3.1.x

Connecting between different machines is not an issue, and 3.1.x onwards
Gluster provides backward/forward compatibility, hence should not be an

> 2.If i configured as Replication method, i am not getting Disk space.So i
> need
> to configure as like striping method.but glusterfs doesn't provide, fail
> over
> for this.

Yes, thats true. We don't recommend stripe module in general, and I see that
your backend sizes are different... Its preferred  to keep them uniform.

> 3.for e.x if i take
> server1:/data(120GB),server2:/data(120GB),server3:/home/g1=2TB,server4:/home/g2=2TB......i
> want to connect all the servers.so that i can get big storage space for
> all.if i
> go for striping or distributed, if one server fails, i can't access the
> volume
> and get an error as "Transport end point not connected"
Yes, stripe doesn't give high availability, and any one node failure results
in this error.

> Please let me know the solution and idea for config for this.i am searching
> in
> google for the past 10 days but no proper result.
Best solution is define your storage need first. (ie, at least in how much
of storage (in TB) you need). Once thats finalized, decide if your
applications really need high availability (i guess 'yes' as this is the
answer in most cases). Get new drives (SATA disks are cheaper now a days),
and try to keep the backend uniform to avoid any possible issues which may
arise later.

Ideally GlusterFS can be configured to work for any scenario if you try to
hand craft your volume file, but as those configs are not getting regular
QA, and can contain corner case issues, we won't recommend such setup


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