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This note is forwarded to the maintainers list to raise awareness
about the planned phases of the Github migration. If there are
additional topics which need to be raised/considered, please let me


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Subject: [Github Migration] Notes and plans from meeting on 13Feb/Thu
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There is no meeting planned for 20Feb/Thu

On 13Feb we discussed looking at bugzilla.redhat.com --> Github
migration.  There are a few OPEN items to consider about this

+ how to "freeze" the product/component on the bugzilla instance so
that no new bugs can be filed. Michael and Deepshikha to get a better
understanding of the steps

+ updating all the NEW and OPEN bugs which will be switched over to
Github with a text like "The Gluster project uses Github for reporting
of defects; enhancement requests and other items. Please visit the
project's Github page". Choosing an appropriate status for the bugs
which have been moved over

+  a script to undertake the switch. The script would be reviewed by
Michael if he has the time. After the meeting Amar posted a link to
<https://www.theozimmermann.net/2017/10/bugzilla-to-github/> This post
could be a basis for undertaking what we plan to do

+ setting the plans in motion to switch over to Github from 01Mar2020.
This includes updating/modifying any template text which indicates
bugzilla.redhat.com to be the preferred workflow and remove any such
reference; identity current list of labels and indicate if any
additional need to be created; forming a better triage (label and
classification process) for the new issues filed on Github

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