[Gluster-Maintainers] Maintainer meeting minutes : 15th Oct, 2018

Shyam Ranganathan srangana at redhat.com
Mon Oct 15 18:27:07 UTC 2018

### BJ Link
* Bridge: https://bluejeans.com/217609845
* Watch: <TBD>

### Attendance
* Nigel, Nithya, Deepshikha, Akarsha, Kaleb, Shyam, Sunny

### Agenda
* AI from previous meeting:
  - Glusto-Test completion on release-5 branch - On Glusto team
      - Vijay will take this on.
      - He will be focusing it on next week.
      - Glusto for 5 may not be happening before release, but we'll do
it right after release it looks like.

- Release 6 Scope
    - Will be sending out an email today/tomorrow for scope of release 6.
    - Send a biweekly email with focus on glusterfs release focus areas.

- GCS scope into release-6 scope and get issues marked against the same
    - For release-6 we want a thinner stack. This means we'd be removing
xlators from the code that Amar has already sent an email about.
    - Locking support for gluster-block. Design still WIP. One of the
big ticket items that should make it to release 6. Includes reflink
support and enough locking support to ensure snapshots are consistent.
    - GD1 vs GD2. We've been talking about it since release-4.0. We need
to call this out and understand if we will have GD2 as default. This is
call out for a plan for when we want to make this transition.

- Round Table
    - [Nigel] Minimum build and CI health for all projects (including
        - This was primarily driven for GCS
        - But, we need this even otherwise to sustain quality of projects
        - AI: Call out on lists around release 6 scope, with a possible
list of sub-projects
    - [Kaleb] SELinux package status
        - Waiting on testing to understand if this is done right
        - Can be released when required, as it is a separate package
        - Release-5 the SELinux policies are with Fedora packages
        - Need to coordinate with Fedora release, as content is in 2
        - AI: Nigel to follow up and get updates by the next meeting

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