[Gluster-Maintainers] Release 5: Branched and further dates - CentOS Storage SIG preparations

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Fri Oct 5 09:15:28 UTC 2018

On Thu, Oct 04, 2018 at 11:33:39AM -0400, Shyam Ranganathan wrote:
> On 09/13/2018 11:10 AM, Shyam Ranganathan wrote:
> > RC1 would be around 24th of Sep. with final release tagging around 1st
> > of Oct.
> RC1 now stands to be tagged tomorrow, and ...

Because I received notes that the CentOS Storage SIG packages from the
testing repository has been tested successfully, I submitted the request
to sync the repository (minus glusterfs itself) to the CentOS mirror
network. These requests are normally handled on Mondays, so the
configuration and pre-seeding should be in place beginning of next week.
Additional packages (glusterfs 5 GA) can then quickly land there as

In case someone is interested on the progress, you can follow
https://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=15356 for this.

The next step on the CentOS Storage SIG side is to get the GA build on
the mirrors, and then update centos-release-gluster5 to use the right
repository (and disable -test). This package then needs to be proposed
for inclusion in CentOS Extras. When that is accepted/pushed, a release
announcement needs to be sent to the CentOS Announce list. Assistance
with composing the message is appreciated. The format should be similar
to previous CentOS announcements:
  WIP at https://hackmd.io/_fKHKmvuSwS6qCgJAn4H-w?edit


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