[Gluster-Maintainers] [gluster-packaging] Release 4.0: Landing CentOS SIG packages for 4.0 on time!

Kaleb S. KEITHLEY kkeithle at redhat.com
Thu Jan 11 19:53:53 UTC 2018

On 01/11/2018 02:19 PM, Kaleb S. KEITHLEY wrote:
> On 01/11/2018 01:50 PM, Shyam Ranganathan wrote:
>> Hi Packaging team,
>> CentOS SIG Gluster packages for new releases seem to land *late* on the
>> SIG always.
>> What do we (as in Gluster community) need to do to make it happen on
>> time for 4.0?
>> As this time around, and possibly in the future, we want to avoid this lag!
> I've opened a BZ[1] to create the necessary tags. Once those are created
> I'll follow up (with another BZ) to create the staging (is that the
> right term?) directory/directories in the Centos Storage SIG.
> Then, depending on how quickly those happen I'll either build a dummy
> glusterfs-4.0 package, and/or an actual RC/Alpha/Beta package.
> This should prime the pump, so to speak, for the actual release.

And looking through the old BZs I see that Niels has had to open BZs on
several occasions to poke the CentOS ops to push packages to buildlog
and to the mirrors. (There doesn't seem to be a lot of automation in place.)

We'll need to pay close attention and should probably open BZs —
aggressively — if necessary.



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