[Gluster-Maintainers] Maintainer Meeting minutes - Jan 10th, 2018

Amar Tumballi atumball at redhat.com
Wed Jan 10 17:33:53 UTC 2018

The first maintainers' meeting of the year 2018 went well, and there were
discussion and participation till the last minute. I hope more maintainers
join regularly to this meeting, and make it easier to take decisions.

BJ Link

   - Bridge: https://bluejeans.com/205933580
   - Download: https://bluejeans.com/s/LgtTV


   - [Sorry Note] Misc, Amye, Atin (conflicting meeting), Ravi
   - Amar, Nigel, Shyam, Kaleb, Nithya, Kotresh, Csaba, Xavi, Kaushal,
   Aravinda, Raghavendra G



   4.0 ? Are we good to branch?

      GD2 : Not a blocker as it is continuing in another repo
      - [Kaushal] Aravinda’s Volgen is in. Helps with different volume
         - Should also help to get rebalance and heal commands.
         - Planning to have a release this week.
         - Upstream glusterfs master works with GD2 (or GD2 works with
         - [Shyam] RC release packaging requirement? What do we need?
         - [kshlm] Need golang on build system. Some more changes in
         Makefile and build scripts. Other than that don’t see much
issues with RPM
         - Building tarball with all dependencies also may be needed.
         - Tarball will contain all dependencies. Fedora may have issues.
         Have to check with Niels about CentOS.
         - AI: Shyam to start mailthread about this with package
         - Need a quickstart guide - Current guide
         Present. Need some more data there. And feedback.
         - [kshlm] provide recovery steps for whole cluster goes down.
         - [Amar] Need a release and quickstart guide on priority.
         - [Shyam] A week after branching is good time

      [Atin] Changes for making GD2 understand options across all the
      xlators are not yet complete. Would that become a blocker for branch out?
      - [Shyam] Is it blocker? Looks like it is not blocker, may be allowed
         to be bug fix post branching. But loosing momentum is a concern.
         - [kshlm] Fine with it as its only GD2 which consumes it.
         - AI: Shyam to mention it in email about 4.0 branching.

      Protocol : Plumbing done, regression failures being debugged. Need
      another week to have it ready. (See https://review.gluster.org/19098.)
      - From today, not after branching
         - AI: check with Wireshark changes need to be done by 4.0 release
         - No need to define futurist fops now.

      CentOS6 support in 4.0?
      - [Kaleb] Concerns with Python/GoLang issues, mostly
         - [Kshlm] gd2 doesn’t build on centos6. may work on epel.
         - [Nigel] We are ready to move to centos7 on regression. No
         dependency on centos6.
         - [Shyam] Is there a concern from centos SIG? [Kaleb] No.
         - This is a community question.
         - AI: Need to be checked with community and any downstream
         concerns for people.

      NetBSD support in 4.0?

      Other features as tracked in the github lane for 4.0 [Shyam]
      - 35 open, 11 closed. Please update.
         - Check the milestone link here
         - AI: need to send a mail as not everyone concerned are present.

      Review focus for patches targetted for 4.0 [Shyam]
      - AI: To send a email to start focused reviews.
         - Surely need focused effort here, with priority.

      Kaushal is speaking at FOSDEM and DevConf - 2018 about Gluster-4.0
      - Will reach out for reviews of presentation

   Current failures of centos6 regression failure?
   - [Kaleb] Random failures happening right now
      - [Jdarcy] Can you paste the link? Here
      - [Nithya] Is it rebased after ssl revert?
      - [Aravinda & Kotresh] There were failures on geo-rep test cases, and
      now mostly fixed. Thanks to Nigel.
      - [Nithya] Is it timing related? has the spectre & meltdown patches
      gone in ? [Nigel] Yes, they are all updated.
      - [Kaleb] Patch is just about linking libraries (in makefile), but no
      code change. Treat it as showstopper, for branching.
      - [RaghuG] See some ABORT errors [NigelB] All of them were about
      timeout, bumped up the timeout.
      - [Nigel] AI: Can consider changing the provider.

   Upcoming infra changes
   - [Nigel] Background story: to be short, no more funding from current
      provider, and is costlier for the requirement we have.
      - We’re working on moving from a static infra to dynamic test
      - We’re also switching providers. Currently evaluating new providers
      - This move will help us create nodes for chunked regressions
      on-demand and throw them out after the job is done.
      - The test framework and how we log test failures will undergo
      significant changes due to this.
      - I will be pinging some maintainers this week to debug test failures.
         - NFS failures currently (2 of them) jdarcy to take a look at gNFS.
      - https://build.gluster.org/job/cage-test/180/console
      - This is the time to talk about NetBSD and our future support for
         - Again, a community call.
         - [Jdarcy] when was the last time we heard from Emmanuel?
         [Someone] At least a year?
         - Looks like freebsd is similar with compatibility issues compared
         to netbsd. In that case, please go for it.
         - [Shyam] Who would be maintainer if we move to freebsd?
         - Treat it as best effort? Get help from community?
      - Console output is a current issue of moving to new provider.

   Long term roadmaps? What is our plan?

   Automation document
   Any further comments?
   - AI: take it to mailing list, and Nigel is happy to do it [image:

   FYI, Launchpad build farm is offline. No ETA for when it will return.
   Ubuntu 3.10.9 packages are queued to be built as soon as it returns online


   - AI: Shyam to start mailthread about this with package maintainers.
   - [Nigel] AI: Can consider changing the provider. Also talk about
   regression failures.
   - AI: check with Wireshark changes need to be done by 4.0 release (after
   the protocol change)
   - AI: Need to be checked with community and any downstream concerns for
   people, for retiring support for centos6.


I already see Jeff Darcy acting on one of the action item to check the
back-trace of a failed regression! Thanks Jeff.

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