[Gluster-Maintainers] Maintainer Meeting minutes (7th Feb, 2018)

Amar Tumballi atumball at redhat.com
Wed Feb 7 17:14:04 UTC 2018

Meeting date: 02/07/2018 (Feb 07th, 2018. 19:30IST, 14:00UTC, 09:00EST)

   - Bridge: https://bluejeans.com/205933580
   - Download : https://bluejeans.com/s/zvYV_


   - [Sorry Note] Shyam, Atin, Amye, Niels (meeting conflicts)
   - Nigel, Amar, kshlm, Xavi, Aravinda, Kotresh, Sunny, Deepshikha,
   Nithya, Milind



   Action Items?
   - Emails on Regression Infra change proposal [DONE]
      - NetBSD - Smoke no longer voting [DONE]

   Gluster 4.0
   - Second last meeting before release
   - GD2
         - [Kaushal] Need to get us accepted into Fedora. Asked us to
         undbundle dependency. Most dependencies are via etcd, but
since etcd is
         packaged, the deps are packaged. We’ll need to package at
least 3 packages.
         - Pretty simple work to do. Kaushal will be maintaingin GD2
         - Fedora bug <https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1540553> for
         - Kaushal working on updating the spec file.
         - [Aravinda] Integration with other gluster features is ongoing.
         Some patches merged and some are pending review.
         - GD2 releases will be concurrent to gluster RC releases. Release
         notes and docs need work.
      - FS features
         - [Amar] Date for cut off is already gone. Most features are
         already in.
         - If anything is open, please talk to Shyam.
      - Release Notes
         - We’ve committed the skelton for the notes. If you are expected
         to fill in the notes, please help fill it out.
         - We want to make a press release for 4.0. Please provide content
         for the PR.
            - Post about new features
            - New montioring related features
            - GD2 testing
            - Generally more content online that can be picked up by the
         - Containers images roll-out with packages
         - We want to provide container images for Gluster publicly with
         - Humble offered to take care of container images for Gluster.
         - We should help test it since as soon as its out, people would
         start using it. Would tarnish our reputation if they don’t work.
         - [Kaushal] They should be run with Kubernetes or openshift, not
         directly. Kaushal will try to test, but cannot guarantee to spend time.
         - We should make the documentation clear. Amar will ask Humble to
         write the initial draft for docs.
      - Upgrade guide requirements
         - Specially, for node OS upgrade scenarios (CentOS6->7)
            - We will need to provide proper documentation.
            - EL6 will have client.
            - We could potentially provide packages via
download.gluster.org for
            EL6 using Go compilers from software collections.
            - Need to cover possible cases like geo-rep in addition to
            basic volume types
            - There’s a few xlators we need to support. If there’s anything
            known as issues with Centos6, please raise concerns now.
         - Any other repository needs releases?
         - If you own a gluster project which needs a release for 4.0,
         please make sure you release in sync with 4.0 to clearly
point out which
         version works with 4.0
         - gluster-block
         - glustermetrics
         - heketi?
         - Anything else? Check https://github.com/gluster/ and suggest the
      - Go/NoGo panel for the release?
         - You have to review all patches taken in after branching and help
         with testing
         - Suggestion: Kaleb/Niels, Amar, Shyam, Kaushal, +2 other
         - [Amar]: We probably need one more person from GD2 team since
         there are a lot of changes and gd2 is our major feature for 2.0
      - RC0/1 testing and participation
         - Glusto: Nigel will run Glusto test runs.
         - Perf testing: We need volunteers especially since
         Meltdown/Spectre related questions will be around.
         - Other Tests(?): If someone can check line coverage, that’d be
         great. We need to establish a baseline for this.

   Infra update
   - regression migration to CentOS7
         - Going on smoothly (Tests are being run on CentOS7 partially
         - Majority is shifted to CentOS7.
         - Any machine with pattern ‘builder1NN.*’ are of centos7. Anything
         which is ‘slave’ would slowly go away.
         - ‘release’ branches needs to shift to centos7 later, as still
         some tests are failing.
         - Mostly should help by rebasing to latest on the release branch.
         - With migration to CentOS7, tests are taking only 3hr 30mins,
         instead of 6hrs. And also the intermitent failures are
reduced to almost 0.
      - NetBSD
         - No response to our emails, taking that as ‘No one is interested
         to maintain it at the moment’

   - No updates

Feel free to comment on this thread if you have any questions.

Amar Tumballi (amarts)
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