[Gluster-Maintainers] Maintainers' meeting - Agenda : Meeting date: 11/29/2017

Amar Tumballi atumball at redhat.com
Tue Nov 28 13:49:15 UTC 2017

(Nov 29th, 19:30IST, 14:00UTC, 09:00EST)

   - Bridge: https://bluejeans.com/205933580
   - Download:


   - [Sorry Note] amye,
   - <Add your name here>



   Action Items from last meeting (if any)?:

   4.0 email from Shyam:
   - Is your feature/issue updated with proper milestone?
      - What is your preferred date for branch out?
         - Dec 15th?
         - Jan 15th?
      - Quality/Testing focus?

   Getting more contribution from outside (non-RH/non-FB):
   - Are we right in expecting people to follow our guidelines?
      - As a maintainer what would you do if someone posts a PR in github,
      and is not willing to follow the gerrit workflow?
         - [Amar] I prefer to treat it same as how we agreed to proceed
         with continuing to rebase and send with --author intact to the
         - [Amar] At the moment, we should be more willing to accept any
         type of contribution, and respect author decision on how much
they want to
         - [Amar] Pointing them the gerrit workflow and asking to use our
         dev workflow is the right first step, but within a week if
nothing happens,
         maintainers / peers taking the patch up and sending it on --authors
         behalf is ideal.

   [Nigel?] Should the maintainers’s (or peer’s) +2 mandatory for merging a
   patch? Can other maintainers from different component merge the patches too?
   - What is ideal time of wait?

   Round Table?


   - Add if any


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Amar Tumballi (amarts)
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