[Gluster-Maintainers] Maintainers' meeting: Minutes (11/01/2017 - Nov 1st, 2017)

Amar Tumballi atumball at redhat.com
Thu Nov 2 07:42:55 UTC 2017


   - Bridge: https://bluejeans.com/205933580
   - Download: https://bluejeans.com/s/9vElE


   - [Sorry Note] Jose, Atin (Holiday in India)
   - jdarcy, shyam, amarts, amye, nigelb, michael (misc), ndevos (DST



   Gluster Summit Updates
   - How to handle first time users properly, so they continue to
      contribute more?
         - AI: Report generation to identify first time contributors in the
         works [Nigel]
      - Handling the patches if more than 10 revision happen in a patchset?
         - “Patch etiquette” documentation (jdarcy)
         - AI: General agreement on this process is present, we need to
         document and share the news to the larger contributors lists
      - Feature deliverables diligence enforcement [Shyam]
         - A feature should not be commited to code without,
            - Sufficient design
            - Documentation updates
            - Relevant test cases
         - Maintainers would be reponsible to ensure all deliverables are
         in place before the merge
         - All deliverables can be tracked in the github issue for the
         - Please! no more slips of features masking as bugs
         - Should we extend test cases for bug patches as well, noting in
         the review if an exception is taken for a bug commit without
a test case?
         - Discussion:
            - Can we keep the github issue open till all deliverables are
            met and use some flags there, like BZ
               - Possibly not, as folks post code submission, do not
               revisit the github issue
            - Documentation versioning and handling this with that request
               - There are challenges here, repo versions, search, and such
               in maintianing versions
            - AI: Continue this on the maintainers list and decide on
            further course of action [Shyam]
         - Further updates if any?
      - Infra Updates:
         - Jenkins now runs on Centos 7. The downtime is not yet complete.
         - We’re going to also move bits.gluster.org onto a new server
         - If all goes well, this deprecates the old Jenkins server which a
         lot of people had SSH access into.

   Gluster 4.0
   - mass reformat to improve consistency (jdarcy)
         - git history can get mangled (cregit tool can help maybe)
         - Ex: cregit.linuxsources.org/
         - AI: [Nigel] to check and see if history mangling can be avoided
         with the above tool
         - AI: [Shyam] add to 4.0 plans mails
         - AI: [Jeff] Provide an example that can help assess work
      - Release tasks update [Shyam]
         - Post 3.13 branching, master is open to absorb all of 4.0
         - We need to ensure we call out the features that are going to
         make it, as branching deadline for 4.0 would be mid-december
         end Jan release!
         - 3 months from 3.13 is end Feb, but we have decided end Jan as
         4.0 is also an STM
         - Features/Major changes:
            - GD2 is a big piece and needs some decisions there
            - Protocol changes
            - Monitoring changes
            - FB Changes
         - AI: [Shyam] to start threads on the list to get things moving

   Round Table
   - Suggest adding “Decisions” section to document, that calls out
      decisions made [Shyam]
         - AI: [Amar] to try and incorporate this into the notes
      - Summit video recording to be uploaded and made public
         - AI: Do we have all the slides? [Amye]
         - AI: BoF summary mails reminder to the owners [Amye]
      - gNFS maintainers announcement [Shyam]
         - AI: To be done in a day or two, adding Shreyas and Jeff from
         Facebook to the MAINTAINERS file [Shyam]

   - Minor modifications to patches from maintainers is OK if below is
      properly followed-up:
         - Author information remains intact. (Use ‘git --author’ option)
         - Original Author is notified with clear reason for edits:
            - Can be “I like the idea, and would like to land it in next
            release as I feel its important, would like to make minor
modifications to
            some log-messages and send a patch myself on your behalf
to cut down the
            time. Thanks, sincerely”
            - Or “I like this idea, and don’t see much activity on this
            from last few weeks. If you don’t mind I am planning to
resend it on your
            behalf for the review”.
            - etc, etc.


Join us back in another 2 weeks if you have any further points to discuss.
Meantime, feel free to discuss further in this thread if there some
thoughts you have on the meeting.

Amar Tumballi (amarts)
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